About Us

We Care is about New School of Thought that make a difference through providing support for the basic needs to the students also not forgetting to educate who have been littering the city areas. Through education, We Care provides care, support and independence and inculcates a sense of purpose. It is about experiencing love, affection, security and satisfaction. We Care is education enabler. With strong values of integrity and commitment, We Care brings joy to everyone’s life.

We Care is NGO based in Nepal is created by like minded people who are up to making a huge difference in the world. This NGO was formed to educate each and every child on this planet along to generate awareness to urban population regarding household waste as well public. Inside of this context we’re planning to take different projects in and around Kathmandu to start with. We are committed to a prosperous Nepal educating children as well as managing urban waste You can choose to support us by making your Donation.

You can also donate in the form of sponsoring a child or providing us food or clothes to support them or support our waste management projects.

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